About The Artist

Hi I’m Rich Gane, a contemporary abstract artist from the UK. On this website you can buy my original wall art paintings. I’m adding paintings most weeks so there’s always something new to see.

I paint very large colourful grass meadows, abstract trees, floral landscapes, bold star canvases, drip and splash paintings, spot and dot pictures, and many other canvases too.

I prefer to paint on a large scale; typically my canvases are 160 cm wide. Sometimes I paint larger canvases than that, up to about 244 cm, and occasionally I also paint smaller canvases, at the request of a customer.

My oversize canvases often suggest form without normally depicting it in full detail. I like to let people’s imaginations loose, with the viewer taking the painting in his or her own direction.

I paint in a variety of different abstract and semi-abstract styles. Most of the artwork is very expressive and rich in colour though occasionally I also enjoy exploring a very reduced palette of colours, including black and white paintings.

I use water-based paints and employ different painting techniques that have evolved with me as an artist over time. The techniques include using a knife to apply paint, brushing paint on to the canvas in a more traditional way, and occasionally aerosol paint. I often apply one or two pure colours at once and then let that layer dry, before adding a further one or two layers of paint. In this way I build up a rich tapestry of discrete colours.

Many of my paintings are vibrant and very colourful. I am motivated to create art that is joyful, uplifting and positive. Customers quite often like to send me photos of my paintings on display in their homes and these photos are really appreciated.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website! Rich Gane

Artist Rich Gane's Very Colourful Painting Boots