Three New Star Paintings in Different Colours

Sometimes I like to paint several paintings all to the same design in one go. This is what I have just done with my 'starburst' picture. I have painted 3 sun canvases, each to a different colour scheme. They are all multi-coloured, with a whole range of colours in the background. Then the finishing colours are yellow and orange for one, metallic gold and yellow for another and finally blue and white for the third painting.

These are very lively and expressive abstract paintings. Lines of colour radiate out from the centre in all directions, whilst dots and spots of lighter colours are sprinkled throughout. Each canvas measures approximately 160 x 112 cm.

Large abstract art original yellow star painting on canvas by Rich Gane

Large abstract art original gold star painting on canvas by Rich GaneLarge abstract art original blue star painting on canvas by Rich Gane

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