Three New Original Wall Art Commissions Completed

I have just completed 3 new large abstract paintings for different customers.

The first commission was a variation on my black, white and metallic gold vertical drip painting. The customer requested for there to be some black and grey elements at the head of the canvas, followed by some creams and beiges, then the metallic gold and finally the whiter background at the foot of the canvas. I did my best to combine these elements in to an exciting and expressive painting.

Large abstract art original black and gold drip painting on canvas

The second commission was for a version of my blue starburst painting on a black background. I find that the black background really helps to accentuate all the different colours I use in these star paintings. Each star painting turns out slightly differently and is a unique work of art.

Large original abstract blue star drip painting on canvas

The third commission was for a variation on my black and white drip painting. The customer had also seen my similar drip painting that features metallic copper. Instead of metallic copper he asked if I could use pink. The customer also requested for the painting to be in portrait rather than landscape orientation. I carefully applied the layers of paint to try to achieve a good balance between the grey, black, white and pink paints and I was very happy with the final result.

Large abstract art original black and pink drip painting on canvas

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