Three New Large Tree Paintings in Different Colours

I've just finished 3 new tree paintings in different colours. One tree is inspired by Autumn colours, with lots of orange and yellow, as well as red and pink. The second tree is more like a Spring tree with lots of lush green and yellow. And the third tree is particularly vibrant with plenty of red, plus green and yellow. At the base of the trees is grass, wild flowers and a few fallen leaves. As you can see, in addition to the main colours mentioned, I use lots of other colours of paint as well. Nature is full of colour and I like to reflect that in my art.

Large Abstract Art Orange and Yellow Original Tree Painting

 Large abstract art tree painting with green and yellow on canvas

A grey border has been added to each photo by me just to show the edge of the canvas. When painting these trees I try to take in to consideration the fact that the picture will be slightly 'cropped' when the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame by a picture framer.

Large Abstract Art Red and Green Original Tree Painting

I like to paint these trees in a fairly loose style. Some spots and drips of paint can be seen in the surrounding white areas. It's difficult to see from these photos but the white itself is made up of dots and spots of white paint applied to the white canvas. This means that there is a subtle dot and spot pattern to the white areas that surround the trees. This style of painting helps to create original tree art that is vibrant and full of colour.

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