New Yellow and Orange Star Painting in Custom Size

This new yellow and orange star painting was a commission for a customer. Lots of different colours of paint have been used, but with a focus on yellow, orange and white for the top layers. Streaks of colour radiate from the bright centre of the painting and there are also some dots and spots of colour. Generally speaking I like to keep my paintings full of energy and vibrancy and a loose, expressive style of painting helps to achieve this.

The customer requested a finished size of 120 x 60 cm and so I painted this piece on a 130 x 70 cm size canvas. This is because my paintings are supplied as un-stretched canvases, rolled up. When the customer takes the canvas to her local picture framer, the extra 10 cm of canvas  leaves about 5 cm of canvas all round the edge to be used to wrap over the wooden stretcher bars. The canvas is then stapled to the back of the wooden stretcher bars.

More information about how to stretch and frame my paintings can be seen here.

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