New Sheep Drip Painting with Lines and Stripes

As well as completely abstract art I enjoy painting canvases that depict something specific, but usually still in a semi-abstract fashion. One of my sources of inspiration is the countryside and farming that's around me. I've painted a number of farm animal portraits now in different styles.

This sheep painting is one of my new animal portraits that is in a 'drip' style. Many different colours of paint have been dripped on to the black and white portrait. This has created the effect of numerous lines and stripes rising up from the bottom of the canvas and then generally dissipating in to the black background higher up the canvas. Applying all these colours to the black background really helps to highlight the colours very well.

These colourful lines and stripes possibly suggest a long grass meadow that the sheep is standing in. However, as always with abstract art, you're free to use your own imagination to interpret it in different ways!

Large abstract art original sheep portrait drip painting on canvas

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