New Extra Large Vertical Drip Flower Painting

Recently I've been enjoying painting some extra large canvases that are 244 cm, or 8 feet, wide. I feel like my painting style works well with these oversize canvases. For the time being, 244 cm is the widest that I paint, though that may change in time!

I'm also enjoying experimenting more with my 'vertical drip' style of painting. It's a particularly expressive method of painting that helps to create very contemporary artworks. Below is a mixed red poppy flower drip painting in this style, on a 244 cm x 112 cm canvas, that I've just finished.

Oversize original canvas wall art drip painting with red poppy flowers

If you'd like more details on how to stretch a canvas like this on to a wooden frame I've written more about this on my page How to Stretch or Frame Your Canvas.

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