New Cow Portrait Painting in Vertical Drip and Splash Style

This is an animal portrait painting I finished today. It's a cow looking towards the viewer, in a black and white style. Layers of colourful paint have then been applied on top - dripped, splashed and flicked on to the canvas.

In paintings like these I like to suggest the form of the animal, without portraying it in more detail than is absolutely necessary. The vertical lines and dots and spots of colourful paint partly conceal the animal underneath. The viewer is then invited to use its own imagination as well.

I'm hoping to start painting more animal portraits like this soon. I think I may also like to do some human portraits in this style as well. If you would like a portrait painting in this abstract style, on a large or very large canvas, please let me know.

Very large black and white original cow portrait painting with colourful vertical lines and stripes on canvas

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