New Commission - Blue Flower Drip Painting

I've just finished this new flower painting for a customer. It is on an un-stretched 244 cm x 112 cm canvas and I painted it in my 'vertical drip' style. The customer initially enquired about a red poppy painting, but she also liked several others of mine, including a grass meadow and this vertical drip style.

Original very large blue flower drip painting by Rich Gane

The customer was keen that the painting reflected the colours in the room where it will be hung. In particular, she requested that the flowers of the painting feature dark blue prominently, as well as some pale pink. I was in fact already mid-way through painting a similar picture so after about 4 days the painting was finished. I did my best to take these colours in to account.

It was great to hear that the customer was happy with the online photos of the painting and the canvas is now packed up and ready for dispatch with the courier tomorrow.

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