New Black and White Abstract Landscape Paintings

I am always experimenting with new styles of painting and subject matter. Recently I have become quite interested in minimalist, black and white paintings. Most of my work is very colourful but I also enjoy creating monochrome canvases too, especially black & white ones.

Below are two new paintings that demonstrate this black and white approach. They both depict a stretch of river near me in Somerset. Trees line the course of the river along this particular section.

Black and white large abstract river landscape painting by Rich Gane

These paintings depict scenes from winter time so most of the trees have lost their leaves. Reflections of these trees can be seen on the surface of the water. The backgrounds for both paintings feature a light grey and white spotted background.

These canvases are both very decorative and stylish. They probably offer enough by way of realism for the viewer to see what the paintings depict. But they are also sufficiently abstract for the viewer to then use its own imagination and take the paintings in a variety of different directions. That is something that I love about abstract art.

Abstract black and white river and trees landscape painting on canvas

In one of these paintings I have applied the black paint in quite a 'solid' or 'dense' manner. This heightens the contrast between the black and the surrounding white and grey background. In the other painting I have added numerous dots and spots of white paint over the entire canvas, including all the black areas. This has created an almost 'pointillist' finish and has softened the contrast between the black paint and the surrounding grey and white paint.

Grey and white home interiors and quite popular at the moment so these paintings would suit that colour scheme very well. They would however suit any environment where very large black and white original art was sought.

Both of these paintings measure 160 x 112 cm and are supplied as un-stretched canvases, rolled up.

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