Going Extra Extra Large with a Star Painting

My starburst canvases are some of the most popular paintings that I create. I normally paint them on my standard 160 cm x 112 cm canvases. However, if required I can paint a canvas up to 244 cm x 122 cm.

I was recently asked to paint a yellow and orange star on one of these 244 cm x 122 cm canvases. It was enjoyable to paint on such a large scale and I was very happy with the completed painting. It's a painting that is sure to fill a room with sunshine and warmth!

Original yellow star painting by Rich Gane on 244 cm x 122 cm canvas

I'm currently considering trying to paint some canvases that are even larger than my present maximum size of 244 cm x 122 cm. Everything is an experiment so if I manage to paint such big paintings and am happy with the results I'll be sure to add them to my shop pages on this website.

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