Exploring Drip Art with a New Landscape Painting

Much of my art is 'drip art' in some form or another. However, that term covers quite a range of styles and techniques. Paint is dripped, flicked, splashed and splattered on the canvas. At the moment I'm particularly enjoying creating drip art that involves paint being dripped down the canvas vertically. This creates a series of irregular lines and stripes that more or less run vertically up and down the canvas. It's a very expressive and fun method of painting.

My latest painting in this style is this yellow grass meadow canvas. In the background there is a vivid blue sky that transitions to white on the horizon. The lines of paint are all very colourful but I have particularly emphasised yellow in this new piece of large abstract art. The meadow rises up to the top of the canvas at each end and is a little bit lower in the middle.

If people enjoy these paintings I hope to create more in the future!

Large abstract art original yellow drip painting on canvas by Rich Gane

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