Blue Starburst on Black Sky Drip and Splash Painting

A new blue starburst on black sky original canvas painting. I've just completed this large drip and splash canvas. I like the way the black background really helps to highlight all the different colours in this star painting. There's a lot of energy and movement, with rays of light streaming out from the centre. The viewer's gaze is inevitably drawn inwards towards the centre because of the strong focal point.

Large abstract art blue star original painting on black background

This painting has blue as the primary colour but I also like to paint a similar starburst canvas where yellow and orange are the primary colours.

Subtle differences in the order in which you apply the layers of paint and in the volume and density of each colour can result in quite significant differences to the final appearance. I paint quite a few starburst canvases like this, but as with most of my large abstract art, no two are ever quite the same.

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