New Semi Abstract Tree and Landscape Painting Commissions

Modern art tree painting wih yellow and grey
Modern art tree painting with yellow, grey and black on very large canvas – final version
Semi abstract landscape painting on large canvas
Semi abstract landscape painting with blue, grey and pink, on large canvas – final version

A friend of one of my previous customers got in contact recently, after he had seen the tree painting I had done for that customer hanging in his house. The friend was interested in commissioning a tree painting as well as one of my landscape paintings. Initially, this new customer enquired about paintings that were about 180 x 140 cm. Though not impossible, I did explain that my normal maximum height for a painting is about 107 cm, based on the length of the canvas roll I tend to use. After a bit more discussion we settled on me producing two paintings that would be about 180 x 107 cm and 170 x 107 cm.

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