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Very large modern art splatter painting on canvas
Very large modern art colourful splatter painting on canvas with lots of red and blue

Probably my favourite style of painting to work in is the ‘splatter’ and ‘drip’ art style. It rejects any notion of depicting form and instead concentrates on pure expression. Most of the time I like to use many different colours in these paintings and each painting is a unique piece of art. Although I sometimes have in mind a certain colour that I want to feature more prominently than others, I begin painting each one with very little plan. Depending on things like my mood at the time and the particular combination of pots of paint that I choose, the painting goes in one direction or another.

5th July 2016

Black and white and red modern art painting on canvas
Black and white and red abstract modern art painting on very large canvas

I’m quite drawn to the idea of sometimes painting with a reduced palette of colours. Most of my paintings are very colourful but I also like the simplicity and discipline that comes from only using a few colours. With this painting above that I’ve just finished I decided that I would only use black, white and red. The ‘black and white’ also includes several shades of grey.

I’ve tried black and white splash paintings before on a white canvas background but felt that the finished work lack contrast and also didn’t photograph well. So this time I have used a background that is mainly dark grey, with some areas that are blacker and redder. I used both a palette knife and a sponge when I painted the background, before using my normal painting knife to add lots of splashes and drips of the pure, unmixed colours on top. I think the finished painting hasĀ  a very contemporary feel with a certain ‘edginess’ to it and I could imagine it would look just the part in quite a minimalist, modern home.

4th July 2016

Here’s a new abstract expressionist painting I’ve done today. This canvas is again 160 x 107.5 cm (63 x 42.3 inches), as size which I’m using more and more now. This painting has a lot of different colours. I use paint which has a ‘stringy’ quality to it to create lines on the canvas by flicking and dribbling my painting knife over the surface very quickly. I then also use different paint that has slightly different properties and is better when splashed on to the canvas from a reasonable height. I’ve experimented a lot with different types of paint to find the behaviour and effects that I like.

Extra large modern art painting on white canvas
Extra large modern art abstract splash and drip painting on white canvas

3rd July 2016

This is a new modern art painting that I’ve just finished today. I experimented once before with a ‘star’ type design, but that was on a small canvas. This is the first time I’ve tried it on a very large landscape canvas that measures approximately 160 x 107.5 cm (63 x 42.3 inches). Although I used a lot of yellow and orange paint, I wanted to still use darker colours such as green and blue to add contrast, particularly against the white canvas background.

Yellow star modern art painting on large canvas
Yellow star modern art painting on large white landscape canvas

3rd July 2016

Here’s my latest tree painting. Painted on a landscape canvas that measures approximately 150 x 107.5 cm (59.1 x 42.3 inches). I tried to make the leaves a richer orange colour this time and the grass, although still multi-coloured, has a more prominent green colour overall.


Modern art orange and yellow tree painting on canvas
Modern art abstract orange and yellow tree painting on large landscape canvas