Large Abstract Surrealist Landscape with Blue Sky

Large modern art landscape painting with yellow hills on canvas
Modern art landscape painting with yellow hills and blue sky

In this painting the vivid green and yellow sweeps across the foreground and then up both sides of the canvas. With some of my semi abstract work I like to suggest the form of something, rather than depict it fully. This leaves room for the viewer’s imagination to work and our imaginations, afterall, are one of the most precious things we have.

Using this semi abstract way of painting I hint at a landscape with green and yellow fields and with hills on either side, like a valley for example. The clear blue sky fades to a very pale blue on the horizon and perhaps indicates a bright summer’s day. That is only one interpretation however and it’s important to me that the painting leaves the viewer to come to his or her own conclusions. There is no right or wrong!

On top of the background coats of paint I have applied a variety of colours, dripped and flicked on to the canvas. I can modify the range of colours I use to suit your own colour scheme.

Here is another painting based on a similar design. My customer asked if I could paint something that was about 1.9 metres long. At the time that was larger than anything I had painted before and took a few days to do. This is partly because I usually try to wait for some of the layers of paint to partially dry before adding more paint on top, to limit how much the colours merge in to one another. However, with some of my other styles of painting I don’t wait for the paint to dry in between, as in those cases I’m often keen for the wet paint to start to mix together on the surface of the canvas.

Very large modern art abstract landscape painting