Black and White Abstract Expressionist Drip and Splash Painting

Very large black and white abstract expressionist painting
Very large black and white abstract expressionist painting
Black and white abstract painting on canvas
Black and white abstract expressionism painting – detail

My paintings are often very colourful but sometimes I like to reduce the palette of colours right down. This is an example of a painting where I have done just that, reducing the colours to just black and white, plus some shades of grey. The canvas was painted completely black first of all and then I applied the layers of grey and white paint. It’s a very energetic and expressive way of painting, splashing, dripping and flicking the paint on.

I use different types of water-based and oil-based paint that give the paint different properties and ways of behaving when it lands on the canvas. These paintings appeal to people who are looking for something that is very modern and completely abstract, with a decorative quality to the artwork.